Watch now: Covid-19 highlights opportunity for autonomous monitoring of on-shelf availability

In the fall of 2019 Coresight Research released a report on how computer vision can save retailers from costly in-store execution issues. The research found on-shelf availability is a major issue impacting Grocery. Fast forward to 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has given retailers their biggest ever on-shelf availability crises and this research feels very timely and relevant.

Join Deborah Weinswig, CEO & Founder of Coresight Research and Trax’s Retail Managing Director, Americas, David Gottlieb as they discuss how retailers can:

  • Understand in real-time the out of stocks on shelf for every SKU across the store
  • Know when the product became out of stock on the shelf and the duration of the time not on shelf
  • Provide real-time alerts to store staff to fix gaps on shelf and address price, promotion and planogram compliance
  • Provide real-time availability updates to shoppers when ordering online

Presented by:

David Gottlieb, Managing Director, Americas, Trax | Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder, Coresight Research

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