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Trax for Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Perfect in-store execution, identify category opportunities and consistently win at the shelf.

Gain on-shelf clarity and drive transformative strategy

The store shelf has been a blind spot for too long. Consumer goods companies don’t have accurate on-shelf visibilty insights to drive purchase decisions where it counts most – in the grocer’s aisle. Trax is here to change that. Forever.

With Trax, empower every stakeholder with ‘Eyes into the Store’ and take informed decisions at shelf.

How Trax helps you win

Up to 60%

Improve salesforce productivity

> 100 KPIs

Obtain deep insight into shelf conditions

3 - 5%

Increase revenues with execution excellence

Products & Services

In-store Execution

  • Trax Retail Execution
  • Trax Retail Snapshot
  • Trax Dynamic Merchandising powered by Flexforce

Trax Retail Execution

Execution optimization across stores and field teams

Trax Retail Snapshot

Crowdsourced display and merchandizing performance

Trax Dynamic Merchandising powered by Flexforce

Full-service merchandising solution driven by AI

Space Planning

  • Trax Plano Manager
  • Trax Plano Convert

Trax Plano Manager

Intuitive space planning software

Trax Plano Convert

Picture and PDF to Planogram converter

Market Measurement

  • Shelf Pulse
    by Trax and Nielsen
  • Trax Retail Advisory

Shelf Pulse
by Trax and Nielsen

Category intelligence with unified shelf and ePOS data

Trax Retail Advisory

Strategic insights tailored for brand and category growth

The biggest brands trust Trax

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