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We are at the dawn of a new era in retail fueled by visual recognition and artificial intelligence. At Trax, we’re relentlessly focused on developing mature and usable technology that transforms client businesses and changes the way the industry works.

At Trax, we foster collective creativity. With the sharpest minds in computer science, geometry, machine learning and beyond, Trax is a greenhouse of breakthrough ideas that help us continuously build smarter, hack faster and scale better.

Featured Innovation

Augmented Reality

With the latest Apple ARKit introduced in iOS 11, Trax has developed revolutionary new features that put the power of Augmented Reality into the hands of sales reps and store auditors for the first time.

The ARKit is an AR framework that enables smartphones and tablets to ‘see’ the environment through a combination of functions, including depth perception, motion tracking, scene understanding and lighting estimation.

Our Shelf Capture Assistant uses AR for in-app image stitching and provides the guidance your sales reps need to execute flawless in-store audits. Take your retail execution to the next level by leveraging the immersive user experience of AR, alongside our computer vision, data science and machine learning technology.

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Connected Shopper

Today’s consumer is highly connected at all points of the shopper journey. This connectivity continues in the store, and getting that real-time dialogue with your customer when they are most eager to find relevant product information and recommendations bespoke to their needs, is a mobile moment that cannot be missed. This Trax Smart Shopper is a mobile app concept that could provide shoppers with real-time information on products in the aisle.

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Lectures & Academia

At Trax, we love discovering and perfecting the best ways to solve real problems not just for our customers, but for the world. Our team of data scientists and creative problem-solvers goes beyond the boundaries of our labs to work with academic institutions globally for collaborative research in many disciplines.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Bar-Ilan University
  • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Research Disciplines: Algorithm engineering, computer science, machine learning, geometry, computer vision.

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