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Augmented Reality

Put the power of Augmented Reality into retail execution to digitize shelves and make in-store data collection literally effortless.

Get tomorrow’s technology today with Augmented Reality

Infuse your retail execution process with the power and precision of Augmented Reality. Our first-of-its-kind AR solution is built to digitize in-store data collection and elevate employee productivity.

  1. Dramatically reduce audit time in store
  2. Analyse and improve store conditions faster
  3. Improve compliance and drive sales

Watch Trax AR in action

Shelf Capture Assistant

In-app image stitching and capture guidance for smarter audits

The Shelf Capture Assistant* enables an immersive augmented reality experience for users when they are doing store audits.

How it works
This feature acts as a guide for sales reps, auditors or store associates to take photographs of a store shelf by placing captured area on an augmented surface and marking out areas that may have been missed.

A fully captured store shelf means more accurate insights to enable better execution, and faster audit means more time for active selling.

*patent pending

Innovation is in Trax’s DNA. We are consistently trying to push the limits of computer vision and its application within retail. By leveraging the immersive user experience of AR, alongside our computer vision, data science and machine learning technology, we can help every sales rep or store associate do their job more efficiently than before, ultimately enabling our customers to quickly monitor shelf share and stock levels, conduct audits, and gain valuable insights into trends, competitor sales, and promotional activity.

Dr. Yair Adato, Chief Engineering Officer, Trax

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