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Break new ground with cutting edge Computer Vision tailored for retail. Our technology helps you see your store shelf like never before.

The Trax Technology Stack

The Trax technology stack is a cascade of advanced engines working in parallel to go from image to insight in the quickest time. See how the magic unfolds.

See in action

Advanced Computer Vision

What goes in?

Images of store shelves captured
from any source.
Mobile Apps, Fixed Cameras, Robots, Drones, etc.

Under the hood

Proprietary Computer Vision and Deep Learning methods identify objects on the shelf.

What comes out

A fully recreated shelf with every single SKU (e.g. Coca Cola 300ml) or object (Price label) accurately identified.

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Store Digitization

What goes in?

Fully stitched shelf images with correctly identified SKU information

Under the hood

Location and size of each SKU is identified, and this data is used to automatically generate scene and session facts.

What comes out

Digitized shelf data is combined with survey responses to generate numeric measurements, scores and targets.

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Data discovery and visualization

We collect everything so that you can dive in anywhere and explore and enrich the data the way you want.

Visualize the data with engaging dashboards for those lightbulb moments.

The Trax Difference

  • Accuracy

    We combine cutting-edge technology and a robust quality assurance discipline to recognise any product at a brand and sub-brand level with market-leading accuracy.

  • Speed

    Graphics Processing Unit Technology accelerates our image recognition, deep learning, and analytics applications, enabling us to go from image to insight rapidly.

  • Completeness

    Our machine-learning algorithms and engines detect anomalies like incomplete shelf capture and also spot new SKUs, new design versions to give you a complete view of the market.

  • Scalability

    Our infrastructure is cloud-agnostic, available at an amazing 99.95% and allows us to process 7 million images a month

  • Flexibility

    Our reporting and data discovery platform gives you flexibility to choose from a wide array of KPI’s, and get role-based dashboards, both on web or mobile.

Research & Innovation at Trax

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