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Store Operations

Simplify store operations and maximize store productivity to deliver a consistent shopping experience free from preventable shelf issues like out of stocks or misplaced products.

Trax for Store Operations

Improve store productivity

Improve store productivity by automating in-store execution

Increase store sales

Increase store sales with improved replenishment and reduced out-of-stocks

Drive consistent shopping experience

Drive consistent shopping experience with right product placement, promotions and price

Modernize your store to drive staff productivity

Divert store labor from manual store audit work to more impactful activities like dealing with customer queries, replenishing stock and managing merchandizing.

Leverage IoT and robotics to capture, analyze and act

Replace manual store walks with an image recognition-based mobile and IoT system that captures store reality and sends real-time alerts to store staff on risk measures.

Turn shelf labels into digital assistants

Leverage smart shelf labels that not only maintain total price integrity but also display stock levels and planogram compliance issues for store staff to fix.

Motivate your store staff

Gamify store execution with a task-based reward system that lets store associates track their own performance and compare their score with other team members.

Get a smarter way to manage stores

As you supervise and manage large teams and stores, you need a complete view of staff and store execution performance and the ability to drive immediate actions on the floor.

Understand who your top performers are

Quickly and easily understand your team’s KPI performance at store and associate level.

Achieve streamlined merchandizing and replenishment

Get alerts on missing, misplaced or mispriced products on the floor and assign associates to take immediate action.

Delight your shoppers

Ensure that premium high-traffic zones like endcaps are always running the right promotions with the right products and price, leading to happier customers and bigger baskets.

Retailers that use machine-learning technology for replenishment have seen its impact in many ways—for instance, reductions of up to 80 percent in out-of-stock rates, declines of more than 10 percent in write-offs and days of inventory on hand, and gross-margin increases of up to 9 percent.

McKinsey & Company, “The advantages of machine learning in replenishment”, Aug 2016

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