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Category Management

Get actionable on-shelf recommendations to improve your category performance and transform retailer partnerships.

Trax for Category Management

Gain retailer's trust

Understand retailer’s expectations and work together to meet the shopper’s needs

Compete effectively

Manage competition on crowded shelves with a balanced assortment, price and promotion strategy

Propel NPD sales

Propel NPD sales by uncovering the optimal shelf location and number of facings in the right stores

Get a window into overall category performance

Visualize every aspect of distribution, price, assortment and space in your category with a single view of store reality.

Examine all retail basics in one place

Know all the important retail measurements of category leaders and laggards at a glance, and visualize opportunities and risks to your brand.

Know your shelf neighbours

Understand which brands and products are competing with you for eye-level shelf space, and plot action plans against the right rivals.

Optimize your product portfolio

Rationalize portfolio wisely by understanding each SKU’s unique role in the assortment, instead of a sub-optimal ‘cut the tail’ approach

Execute smart assortment decisions

Examine price pack trends in your category, monitor price elasticity and see average sales per SKU facing to select the optimal assortment.

Tailor range to local needs

Use category-and region-specific shelf insights to inform teams on which products to include in the assortment and where to place the category to stay aligned with demand.

Become a trusted category captain for retailers

Stop relying on only historical sales data, and instead fuse it with shelf reality to implement targeted actions for category growth.

Provide retailers with a compelling sales story

Discover optimal shelf positions driving biggest sales uplifts and use that knowledge during range reviews with retailers to drive profitable space allocation.

Accelerate NPD sales

Get answers to questions like how quickly new products appeared on shelves, which shelf positions improve sales velocity in different accounts, and what the optimal facings are.

Score product and store performance

Leverage a scientifically designed ‘shelf dynamic’ metric that helps you verify planogram compliance across stores and quantify the sales impact of under-performing stores.

The real-time insights delivered by Trax provided a strong case to help gain additional facings from our key customers. The link between out-of-stock data, with in-store capacity and sales proved actionable.

Nestlé, Category Manager, Beverages

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