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With Trax, empower every stakeholder with ‘Eyes into the Store’ and take informed decisions at shelf.

The problem we solve

The store shelf has been a blind spot for too long. Brands and retailers don't have accurate on-shelf visibility and actionable holistic insights to drive purchase decisions where it counts most - in the grocers aisle. Trax is here to change that. Forever.

From Distribution

Products are closely tracked from route-to-market channels

But what's happening on the shelf?

To Checkout

POS information provides valuable insights into sales and volume data

Why should you care?


Lost in sales every year due to out of stocks globally


The average out of stock rate experienced by brands & retailers


Sales uplifts that can be achieved with improved in-store execution

Trax for Consumer Goods

Perfect in-store execution, identify category opportunities and consistently win at the shelf.

Trax for Retail

Improve last mile retail efficiency and uplift customer experience in every store.

Image recognition technology can increase sales force productivity, improve shelf condition insights and help drive incremental sales.

Gartner, Image Recognition Can Help Consumer Goods Manufacturers Win at the Retail Shelf

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