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Webinar: Enabling next-generation retail by digitizing the store

Savy grocers are going digital, down to the products on their shelves.

From changing buyer behaviors to technology innovations, online and in-store grocery is changing fast. Many grocers are struggling to keep up. But some are finding help in a third data source – continuous shelf data.

Retailers that measure shelf conditions are growing availability by 3% and sales by 1%. Plus, they’re saving many hours of staff time. That’s just one reason why some of the largest grocery retailers are turning to Trax for help in transforming their physical stores with shelf digitization.

Submit the form to learn how Trax computer-vision-powered shelf-edge cameras and robots help grocers get real-time shelf insights to:

  • Increase on-shelf availability by up to 3% through out-of-shelf alerts.
  • Accurately manage store inventory levels via real-time shelf data.
  • Optimize labor activities via data for smarter routing, restocking and picking.
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