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Auchan rolls out shelf automation with Trax on the Google Cloud Platform

Auchan is a top 10 grocery retailer in Europe. It’s network of 34 hypermarkets in Portugal faced two issues. Replenishment issues were the most common cause of out-of-stocks. On nearly two-thirds of the occasions when customers looked at empty shelves instead of the products they wanted to buy, those products were in the store but not on the shelf. Secondly, staff found that maintaining accurate shelf-prices was a time-consuming and manual process, often leading to human error.

To solve these challenges Auchan implemented Trax Retail Watch to quickly identify shelf availability and pricing issues in Portugal. The benefits of Trax Retail Watch combined with automated data collection were evident almost immediately. In just one month, price anomalies had dropped by 75%, and shelf availability improved by 3%.

Download the case study to discover how Auchan used Retail Watch to;

  • Improve on-shelf availability
  • Reduce price anomalies
  • Free up its workforce to focus on higher value activities
  • Convert efficiencies in-store into significant sales growth
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