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Trax Retail Advisory

Trax Retail Advisory is a consultative analytics service that delivers tailored strategies for consumer goods companies to optimize in-store execution and accelerate brand and category growth.

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Trax Retail Advisory combines our deep retail expertise, vast consulting and analytics experience with proprietary big data approaches to help you identify focus areas that bring the most value. With in-store execution data at the core, our approach delivers distinctive insights and actionable recommendations to help you accelerate growth through execution excellence.

  1. Link in-store execution data with multiple data sources to inform your strategic planning
  2. Prioritise growth drivers and uncover hidden shelf opportunities
  3. Perfect execution to drive overall portfolio growth

How it works


Collect store and SKU level execution data across full category.


Combine in-store execution data with other sources (sales, shopper, loyalty and household panel data).


Actionable insights and tailored shelf strategies for your business.

Our unique big data and machine learning approach is powered by the world’s largest retail SKU database and ground-breaking algorithms designed to identify patterns across thousands of stores. Our team of experienced Retail Advisory Partners will provide unparalleled insights and practical recomendations that you and your retail customers need to gain competitive commercial advantage and drive sustainable growth.

Our Thinking

Brand owners and retailers alike need to get many different in-store execution levers right to convert shoppers into buyers and keep them coming back.

Our proprietary S4 Market Activation Framework gives you the category understanding you need for better strategic planning.

Connie Cheng
Executive Vice President,
Strategic Initiatives

John Lloyd
Retail Advisory Partner
EMEA London

Corliss Y. Collier
Retail Advisory Partner
Americas Atlanta



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