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Trax Plano Manager

Trax Plano Manager is a highly intuitive space-planning tool that helps your category management and sales teams build planograms within minutes.

Trax Plano Manager creates planograms easily and quicker than other methods. This intuitive space planning solution lets you quickly design tailored merchandising recommendations for your customers and provides sales reps with greater autonomy while maintaining coordination. Leverage a single tool to check for compliance, optimize product facings, and improve conversations with key customers.

  1. Create planograms intuitively
  2. Simplify product database management
  3. Optimise sell-ins and sell-outs



Create and save planogram with drag-and-drop ease.


Export the planogram in popular formats or as a merchandising book.


Share with field teams and evaluate planogram performance.

What it delivers

Trax Plano Manager is a complete solution for capturing, creating and editing planograms that can be printed or imported into all major space-planning applications.

Easily create and edit planograms

1. Quickly locate existing planograms which you can customize or clone on a central, secure library

2. Easily search for the products or brands you need and start building your planogram using a simple drag-and-drop interface

3. Export the planogram into the format of your choice and automatically enrich the POG library

Gain instant visibility into key metrics

1. Define criteria such as share-of-shelf or facing by brand and automatically check for planogram compliance

2. Compare multiple planograms and view how key merchandising KPIs such as product facings vary

3. Optimise your planograms by visualising in real-time how changes to levers such as share of shelf and share of assortment impact sales

Enable greater coordination between central and field teams

1. Manage product database and generate planograms centrally, while allowing field salespeople to produce customized planograms for individual stores

2. Export key statistics into Excel or Powerpoint and share your recommendations with field sales teams to help them execute store-level negotiations

3. Maintain an updated product database that is available to all users anytime, anywhere – online and offline

Why Trax Plano Manager?

  • Save 50% on planogram creation time

    Create and edit planograms, manage the product database, see planogram statistics, and adjust product and planogram properties – all on one screen.

  • Optimize planograms

    Trax Plano Manager can optimize planograms according to criteria such as profitability and unit sales.

  • 3D visualizations

    Produce 3D renderings of complex displays – complete with POS materials – for more persuasive communication with retailers’ staff.

Using Plano Manager strengthens our legitimacy as a preferred partner. It helps us build a more professional and transparent dialogue with our clients’ central teams and stores.

Anne Aubry-Marais, Market Category Manager at Pernod Ricard France

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