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Trax Plano Convert

Trax Plano Convert turns shelf photos and PDFs into editable planograms to help you create tailored store-level merchandising recommendations for your retail customers.

Trax Plano Convert is a planogram automation solution powered by AI which turns shelf pictures and .PDF files into editable planograms of any industry format within 48 hours. Whatever space planning software you use, you can just focus on designing the picture of success and build store-level planograms at scale.

  1. Build planograms up to 80% faster
  2. Empower sales reps improve store-level compliance
  3. Become your customers’ preferred partner


Share your database

Send us your product and image databases to set up the service.

Send the files

Your catmans and/or sales reps send their files to our cloud for analysis by our algorithms

Files are processed

Products are immediately recognised. Realograms are generated. Results are double checked by QA.

Get your planograms

Your teams recieve their POGs in the desired format as well as a product gap analysis report.

What it delivers

Trax’s Plano Convert saves you time spent in manually converting pictures and PDFs into planograms. With this easy-to-use cloud-based service, you can create customized planograms at scale, empower sales reps to execute better at shelf and gain retailers’ trust.

Build planograms at scale

Save up to 80% of the time currently spent on planogram reproduction and scale up production without increasing staff numbers, even during peak periods.

Keep your database up-to-date

Use our gap analysis reports to quickly spot missing SKUs and update your database

Why Trax Plano Convert?

  • Faster planogram production

    By using Computer Vision, images of planograms can be converted into editable files within days.

  • No training required

    Trax’s algorithms already know how to recognize products, so you can concentrate on your sales and merchandising efforts.

  • More impactful negotiation

    Providing merchandising recommendations and customized planogram suggestions helps you connect with retailers.

It makes a big difference to receive a ready-to-use SKU planogram within 24-48 hours versus up to 2 weeks before. Providing a store with an SKU-planogram rapidly helps demonstrate professionalism and, before anything else, a ‘client-first’ attitude. The result of this is we get more meetings, we have more impact in negotiation, and ultimately we outperform competition.

Frank M, Merchandising Coordinator, Global Beverage Company

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