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Trax Dynamic Merchandising powered by Flexforce

Trax’s AI-driven, dynamic merchandising service is a new and better way of merchandising. It is powered by Trax Flexforce, a national, localized, on-demand workforce that provides you with a flexible solution to solve your unique execution issues in-store, at scale and speed.

Trax’s Dynamic Merchandising combines the power of our leading computer vision and machine learning platforms with a skilled on-demand workforce to address your most urgent store issues. We help you drive up to 20% lift in sales and 25% increase in retail presence by doing the right work, at the right store, at the right time.

  1. Extend your store coverage
  2. Maximise ROI with data-driven execution scheduling
  3. Drive precise merchandising tasks using Computer Vision

How it works

Activate Trax flexforce

A 1.4 million-plus-strong, experienced and crowd-sourced workforce of retail representatives across North America

AI matching algorithms

automatically identify the right reps for each job based on execution skills, category experience, location, workload and more

Intelligent Merchandising

leverages continuous in-store data signals to prescribe execution tasks that maximize customer priorities

Transparent reporting

along with image validation of tasks to ensure you pay for the actual work completed

Retailer conditions change regularly, so it’s key to have people in-store reviewing and remerchandising product displays on a regular basis and identifying in-store execution issues. Trax identified the highest-volume locations for weekly continuity coverage and maintenance of our product displays. Through data and image reporting from Trax, we are able to quickly identify and address issues.


What it delivers

On-demand workforce

Trax Flexforce has more than 1.4M skilled retail representatives across the U.S. ready to be deployed today for your in-store needs. With 99.2% of all U.S. retailers covered by Trax Flexforce you can extend your coverage in an uncompromised way covering all channels, small format stores and rural areas.

Extend store coverage efficiently

Add Trax as an extension to cover stores currently not reached directly by your existing field-force. Depending on your route-to-market (DSD or distributor-led), optimize your coverage model by allocating specific operational tasks to Trax.

Leverage elasticity of Flexforce to solve specific in-store problems

Whether you’re looking to make merchandising progressively smarter or want fast support for ‘surge’ issues, the elasticity of our team means you can solve for your specific issues efficiently.

AI-driven merchandising

Our proprietary prioritization and optimization engines ensure that the most important merchandising tasks are performed on every visit, rather than following a plan that was prepared days, weeks or even months earlier.

Get to the stores faster

Proprietary matching algorithms process in-store experience, location, workload and dozens of factors to identify the right person with the right skills for the right merchandising job

Execute in-store with digital precision

Trax combines real-time data on shelf conditions and signals such as shipment and inventory data to prescribe execution tasks that align with your merchandising priorities - whether that’s replenishing shelves or setting up new POS displays

Impact reporting

Dynamic Merchandising reports the impact of work done right down to the SKU level, such as fixing out-of-stocks or the number of cases unpacked.

Obtain transparent insights based on real in-store images

Trax’s computer vision platform digitizing every SKU and in-store action allows for total transparency. With photo evidence of all work completed in store, you only pay for actual work completed.

Get the data how you need it

Access data via Excel reports and intuitive BI dashboard tools or integrate with third-party and custom software with APIs. Our rich shelf data and KPIs help you measure value of merchandising actions and power smarter decisions throughout your business.

Why Trax Dynamic Merchandising powered by Flexforce

  • Up to 20% sales lift

    Dynamic Merchandising has delivered proven improvement in-store compliance. Results include a 15–20% sales lift, and a 25% increase in retail presence.

  • Transparency & Assured Performance

    The photos taken in the store provide for total transparency into all rep actions. Every store visit is tracked, QA checked and scored using nearly 50 metrics to ensure the right job is done — every time

  • Identify opportunities

    Detailed and transparent reporting reveals opportunities for increased sales. This can be as simple as avoiding lost sales caused by out-of-stocks or uncovering the potential for additional SKUs.

When you sell to a distributor, within a 3-tier system, who then sells to a retailer, you lose visibility to the presentation in-store and how the store shelf is changing. Trax brings visibility to retail execution as part of our go-to-market-strategy.

David, VP of Strategy, Flying Embers

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