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Shelf Pulse
by Trax and Nielsen

Measure, optimize and influence your category strategy with
Shelf Intelligence and EPOS data.

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Shelf Pulse* by Trax and Nielsen gives you a unique, unified view of shelf analytics and point-of-sale (ePOS) data that arms you with the objective category insights you need to support your retail partners and drive growth.

*currently available in the US only

  1. Get insights from shelf to sales
  2. Improve market analysis and planning
  3. Gain retailer trust with unbiased recommendations

How it Works

Shelf Data Captured

Our global retail audit panel captures shelf images across markets and retail channels.

Data Analyzed

Images are analyzed in the Trax cloud with our advanced Computer Vision algorithms and integrated with Nielsen's EPOS data.

Reports Available

Access insights delivered through customized dashboards.


With interactive and customizable dashboards, Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen provides you with a comprehensive and dynamic view of category performance and highlights opportunities for growth.

Reset Planning

Be your retailer’s trusted advisor with objective recommendations on planograms for the next reset.

Improve category sales

Use data from previous resets to identify products or brands that are over or under spaced and drive category sales.

Identify retailers that adhere to best practices

Identify where retailers are following best practices when executing against planograms and flag areas where corrective actions need to be taken.

Reset Evaluation

Understand the impact of resets on your products, brands and category.

React to category resets with agility

Understand how resets are affecting your share of shelf and position and use shelf data to inform retailer negotiations.

Pinpoint the root cause of your performance in each retailer.

Identify and take corrective measures to close gaps in planogram compliance.

Competitive Analysis

Identify categories leaders and laggards with views on availability, shelf share, unique SKU volumes across regions and store types.

Get a pulse of sales performance

Compare your market share with competitors and identify best-selling products by viewing average sales per facing at item level.

Benchmark your shelf positioning

Understand how your products are arranged on the shelf vis-à-vis competitors

Why Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen?

  • Robust and Representative Sample ​

    Cover the stores that matter the most and procure a more robust representative sample with Trax's enhanced collection methodology.

  • Pre and Post Reset Visibility

    Optimize impact evaluation around your products and category with in-depth visibility into pre and post reset data.

  • Flexible Analytics

    Slice and dice the data according to your business needs and share insights across the organization.



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