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Shelf Intelligence Suite
by Trax and Nielsen

Shelf Intelligence Suite by Trax and Nielsen delivers an integrated solution to continuously measure, optimize and activate your store strategy.

CPG companies can now pinpoint exactly how specific shelf conditions, such as shelf placements, facings or adjacencies, influence sales. This new offering from Trax and Nielsen digitizes the shelf, allowing brands to have a more frequent and accurate measurement of how their products are represented in store and how this influences their sales.

Shelf Intelligence Suite is the fusion of Trax’s world-class computer vision and analytics platform and Nielsen’s Retail Measurement Services (RMS), which includes the largest CPG point of sale dataset in the industry.

  • Drive continuous improvement and category growth with shelf reality

  • Benchmark your performance with Shelf Quality Index for complete competitive intelligence

  • Prioritise your sales levers to optimise your shelf strategy like never before

Two Core Solutions: Shelf Pulse & Shelf Blueprint

An ongoing digitized measurement for CPGs to understand in-store shelving conditions for their brands and competitors, shelf compliance and visual proof of store activation. With over 70% of purchase decisions made at the shelf, you need continuous measurement and insights into merchandising conditions to win shoppers at the shelf. Shelf Pulse* is a syndicated data offering that delivers powerful visualization of sales and granular store conditions that has never been possible before.


Benchmark your shelf performance with competition, across stores


Fix specific gaps in shelf execution and maximize compliance


Understand how shelf execution impacts sales to maximize growth

Along with an accurate pulse of the market, we help you build the fundamental principles of your perfect shelf strategy in a more holistic way, with actionable recommendations and outcomes. Shelf Blueprint leverages advanced retail data science models to enable optimal store activation, macro space planning and shelf optimization designs.

Research Pillars

Store Drivers

Ascertain overall impact of store drivers on sales

Derive sales impact of each store driver and rank them by growth contribution and return on investments

Space Elasticity

Understand conditions to optimize space allocation

Identify the optimal number of facings based on elasticity levels of SKU and brands

Quantifiable Shelf Positions

Quantify the relation between product placement and sales

Uncover optimal shelf position with the highest propensity to increase sales across groups of stores

Store Cluster Segmentation

Identify store clusters that have similar behaviours

Adopt a data-driven approach to store clustering to get a new understanding of store segmentation and behaviours

What makes our alliance unique?


SKU-level recognition

Powered by Trax's proprietary computer vision platform, we digitize shelf images down to SKU-level with unprecedented accuracy.



With our global capability and footprint, we can deliver consistent and reliable data sets from store to shelf to checkout to inform strategic planning based on store conditions.


Sales Uplift

Leverage powerhouses of shelf analytics and consulting to influence retail space allocation, optimize merchandising and drive sales.



Webinar: Drive Continuous Improvement at Shelf with Trax-Nielsen Shelf Intelligence

Drive continuous improvement at shelf with Trax-Nielsen Shelf Intelligence

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