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Trax Retail Execution

Trax Retail Execution is an in-store execution product that helps consumer goods companies win at the shelf with a comprehensive real-time view of store and field performance across all retail channels.

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Powered by our breakthrough computer vision technologies, Trax Retail Execution is a single tool that helps you focus on the right execution, drive targeted actions at SKU, brand and category level, and improve sales effectiveness.

  1. Focus on the right execution
  2. Drive targeted actions
  3. Accelerate sales outcomes

How it works


The sales rep stands in front of the store shelf and takes a picture.


The pictures are sent to our Trax cloud to be analysed.


Within minutes, the sales rep gets actionable mobile reports, while management teams get detailed assessments online.

Having visibility into conditions at the retail shelf is not new, but using digital image recognition and advanced analytics to spot opportunities and quickly address them is what makes the evolution from taking notes and measurements by hand at the shelf to capturing images digitally a game changer.

gartner, "image Recognition: The Intersection of Digital Business & Analytics At the Store Shelf" Dale hagemeyer

Features & Components

Shelf Optimizer

Trax’s Shelf Optimizer is an intuitive mobile solution that helps sales reps measure and perfect their in-store execution to fulfill the sales potential in every store.

Digitize in-store data collection

Use a state-of-the-art mobile app to capture images of the shelf and get a much more objective and consistent way to track in-store conditions compared to manual audits

Quickly understand store-level actions

Prioritized tasks and actions are automatically generated based on predefined KPIs including Out-of-Stock (OOS), shelf share, perfect store scores, planogram compliance and more

Motivate your sales reps

Leverage in-built gamification features that allow sales reps to track their own in-store execution performance, and earn points or monetary rewards for specific tasks

Supervisor Console

Trax’s bespoke Supervisor Console provides your sales supervisors with an intuitive web console with clear store level actions to drive sales in each territory.

Identify which stores underperform and why

See dashboards or get a live feed on store-level gaps, like empty spaces or products with low shelf share across regions, and easily assign store visit actions and alerts to sales teams

Accelerate field productivity

Understand each sales rep’s gaps (KPIs, Strike rates), and improve your coaching methods

Get the right data on the go

Select between online and offline mode of capturing the shelf truth
• Online: Actionable mobile reports are sent to sales reps during their store visits
• Offline: Capture store audit data offline and seamlessly upload to the Trax Cloud when reps go back online

Planogram Management

This application automates planogram monitoring using image recognition and delivers up-to-date shelf compliance reports for managers in the office and reps in the field.

Digitize planograms with image recognition

Replace time-consuming manual conversion with a web-based app that automatically converts shelf images from PDF plans into planograms across all store formats.

Fix compliance gaps on the spot

Measure how each store performs with composite POG score that tells you to what extent each shelf is compliant with the planogram. By knowing what’s working (e.g. right number of facings), and what isn’t (e.g. wrong position of core product), reps can take targeted actions quickly.

Accelerate space planning

Get aggregated intuitive analytics on shelf compliance gaps, access all digitized planograms in a single catalog, and export them into PSA compatible format for fast, well-informed space planning decisions.

Why Trax Retail Execution?


sales uplift in a single category

Proven to increase consumer goods sales. Trax has delivered proven business results and drive greater efficiency and effectiveness for some of the world's largest consumer goods brands

Best in class

SKU level recognition accuracy

Accurate & consistent, in-store data. With Trax's proprietary computer vision platform receive accurate, consistent and actionable insights on your shelf conditions in every outlet.

1 Billion

items recognized each month

Smart & scalable, advanced technology. Whether it's a hundred sales or a hundred thousand stores, our enterprise-grade technology enables you to scale to your business needs.

With this technology, we have results returned to us within minutes so its actionable, as we are in the store, talking to the owner, providing our product ranging and upsell options.

Samantha Mitchell, IT Group Business Relationship Manager,
Coca-Cola Amatil



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