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Trax and AWS

Trax solutions powered by AWS provides real time and continuous visibility to shelf conditions, helping brands and retailers increase operational efficiency while elevating customer experience.

Trax at a glance: Who we help

Through our proprietary Computer Vision algorithms paired with the speed and security of Amazon Web Services, consumer goods manufacturers and retailers get game-changing insight on what’s happening in the aisles, quickly mobilize their staff for immediate in-store action ultimately improving shopper experience.

  • Focus on the right Execution

  • Drive Targeted Actions

  • Accelerate Sales Outcomes

How it works

At Trax, we digitize the physical world of retail using Computer Vision. The transformation of individual shelf images into data and insights about retail store conditions is made possible with the ‘Trax Factory’. Built using asynchronous event-driven architecture, the Trax Factory is a cluster of microservices in which the completion of one service triggers the activation of another service - spanning data collection, digitization and reporting.


Shelf images are automatically captured by Trax’s proprietary wireless cameras affixed to store shelves


Trax’s computer vision platform analyzes the images and generates accurate & granular KPIs with SKU-level data points


Within minutes, the sales rep gets actionable mobile reports, while management teams detailed assessments online.



cost saving per image


micro services


events per month served by over 1000 SQS queues and 700 SNS topics


of images uploaded to our cloud on a monthly basis

Data Flow Architecture

Why Trax and AWS

Trax and AWS together provide our clients with the ability to take advantage of increased cloud capabilities, advanced machine-learning algorithms and reduced imaging-sensor costs to digitize the shelf and create new powerful applications.

  • Scalability

    1B+ products recognized monthly, 1K images recognized per minute during peak times.

  • Flexibility

    AI recognition models that quickly adapt and respond to changes in product packaging

  • Security

    Aligns with best security practices and a variety of IT security standards

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