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Trax@Executing Shopper Insights Congress 2015

Joel Bar-El (CEO), Dror Feldheim (VP, Global Business Development), Neil Gowing (General Manager, EMEA) and Anderson Maia (Customer Success Manager, EMEA) were at the Trax booth to share how image recognition is being used by top tier FMCG companies to improve business efficiencies and profitability. The Trax booth was well-received as several conference participants came by to view a live demo.

This year’s event featured case studies from Pernod Ricard, MOMA Foods, Pagen, Britvic and Park Foods. There were also presentations and panel discussions from high profile FMCG brands, and the ‘disruptor’ brands who are shaping the future of a complex and dynamic retail market. The agenda also explored the various strategies employed by brands to engage shoppers, instill brand loyalty and create effective marketing.

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