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Trax@Coca-Cola Hellenic Russia 2015 Leadership Conference

With the agenda of setting strategic goals and sales targets for the year, the 2015 Leadership Conference was attended by 350 CCH sales managers from across Russia.

One of the keynote topics included the use of photo recognition technology in the Coca-Cola Right Execution Daily (RED) audit process. To create awareness of photo recognition technology and encourage user buy-in, CCH screened a video showcasing how Trax’s image recognition solution had increased their sales rep coverage from 30% to 100% across Russia, and improved audit efficiency and data objectivity, while reducing costs.

The video also demonstrated how CCH sales reps use the Trax app while conducting in-store audits and how Trax reports provide actionable business insights at every user level within the organization. For example, the reports enable management teams to identify performance gaps and category opportunities. At the same time, CCH’s business support and marketing teams get greater insights into competitor product trends and promotional activities.