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Top cleaning products manufacturer

Multinational manufacturer improves compliance on key display vehicle from 32% to 73%.

At a Glance

This privately-held, multinational manufacturer leads the market in household cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals.

  • 128%
    improvement in display compliance
  • +1
    display authorization

The Challenge

A top household cleaning products manufacturer was merchandising a seasonal quarter pallet display program in Target stores and wanted to evaluate the in-store execution of the vehicle as well as measure its effectiveness when executed properly.

The Results

The client used Trax Retail Snapshot to understand true display compliance to promotion planner and the effectiveness of the quarter pallet vs. other display types.

Some of the insights they uncovered were:

• Display compliance on the quarter pallet display vehicle was just 32%
• When the quarter pallet was executed to plan, it generated a 227% sales lift over stores that did not execute the display
• The quarter pallet generated a higher lift than other display vehicle types (161% sales lift)
• Quarter pallet ROI equated to $7.25 for every dollar invested on the display vehicle

Based on this compelling evidence, the retail buyer authorized an incremental quarter pallet in all store locations.

The Bottom Line

In addition to the authorization, the retailer heightened focus with store operators and as a result, display execution increased YOY from 32% to 73% on that particular quarter pallet.

  • Improved display execution

  • Collaborative merchandizing efforts

  • Accelerated sales outcomes

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