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Leading Oils and Dressings Manufacturer

This leading brand in avocado based dressings and oils used Trax Dynamic Merchandising to improve in-store execution and brand representation, leveraging a 1.4 million strong, on-demand workforce for greater coverage and real-time visibility.

At a Glance

This leading F&B brand grew rapidly across brick-and-mortar retail channels using a three-tier manufacturer - distributor - retailer model. Their avocado-based oils, spreads and dressings appealed to shoppers in club, grocery, and specialty stores, now found in more than 40,000 stores.

  • 15-20%
    lift in sales
  • 6000
    stores covered

The Challenge

To achieve growth and velocity goals, the team needed visibility into in-store presentation, assortment, and inventory- across all channels and store formats. They required specialized capabilities, such as void analysis, targeted execution, and data-driven retailer programs. The team needed to turn to non-traditional models of field labor and support those efforts with AI driven insights and reporting to extend store coverage, maximize ROI and drive precise merchandising tasks.

The Results

National coverage

The on-demand workforce visited 6000 stores across 8 retailers, focusing on the brand's assortment, on shelf availability, and recommended sell dates. A customized dashboard provided reporting by retailer and region, with summaries on key metrics that drilled down into store visit data.

Sales lift and increased brand value

Greater visibility into shelf reality in real-time resulted in greater OSA and fewer compliance gaps. This lead to an uplift in sales without having to rely on promotions, which could detract from the brand's value.

The Bottom Line

The combination of a skilled on-demand workforce and an AI driven merchandising platform delivered by Trax Dynamic Merchandising gave the brand rapid and reliable visibility into their products on shelf. Brand and Category managers were able to close gaps in compliance, identify the right person with the right skills for the right merchandising job and execute in-store with digital precision. The team also used impact reporting to digitize every SKU and in-store action, obtaining insights based on real in-store images that ultimately helped identify opportunities to increase sales.

  • Combines real-time data on shelf conditions and signals such as shipment and inventory data for better in-store execution

  • On-demand workforce of trained retail representatives provides uncompromised coverage and solves specific in-store problems

  • Detailed and transparent reporting reveals opportunities for increased sales.

It gives us real insight into how our products look on shelf in different retailers, different regions. We see who else is on shelf, how it’s placed, what’s around us.


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