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Children & Youth Empowerment

Empowering educators and setting low-income students and at-risk youth up for success

Hinuh Lepsagot – Educating for excellence

Established in 1999, Hinuh Lepsagot is a non-profit organisation that operates over 30 centres throughout Israel. Trax works with them to achieve their mission of reducing social inequality by creating opportunities for children regardless of economic background. The centres cater to 2,000 children, where 600 student-instructors on scholarships help tutor them. Handling so many people is no small feat, so the student instructors also serve as role models.

A team from Trax volunteers its time, teaching the children Math, English and Hebrew, while also providing tutorial help with their exams. Their selfless work has inspired others to volunteer as well. With all the help we’ve given, some children from the centre visited our office to express their gratitude in paving the way for them to achieve their goals. And of course, we let them know that we’re happy to help.

With work this inspiring, we’ll always be ready to help.

Home of Hope – Sip & Swine BBQ Festival

In the US, Trax runs a volunteer outreach programme called Trax Gives Back, with the aim of supporting organisations in need. One such beneficiary is the Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, a non-profit residential care facility providing services for homeless children and their families.

Every charity needs a fundraiser. And as far as fundraising goes, the Sip & Swine BBQ Festival is as delicious as it gets! Beer and barbecued foods, what’s not to love? Over the last three editions, the BBQ festival has raised more than $100,000 for Home of Hope. All the money raised went to Home of Hope, which uses it to provide warm, nurturing homes to homeless mothers and their children, while helping them acquire the necessary skills to become self-sufficient.

Most recently, the Trax team in Atlanta participated in the 2018 edition, helping to organise, greet, and serve throughout the day making sure the event was a great experience for everyone.

It’s a great way to combine fun and charity to give back to our community.

Local – Stand–up paddling for a cause

Local is an association that supports at-risk youth. This non-profit surf club is home to two of Israel’s top-ranked SUP surfers, Itzik Horesh and Khader Ashoor. What’s more remarkable than having top-ranked SUP surfers is that they help kids from less-privileged backgrounds. Here, at-risk teens – such as those involved in petty crime, drugs or from abusive households – channel their energy into surfing and stand-up paddle surfing (SUP).

This surf club with a difference offers refuge for people who have suffered, and recovered, from the world of crime. Sometimes, the only place they can find peace and comfort is in front of the waves, and that’s why they come to Local. Through the programme, these kids develop discipline, hard work and dedication: the necessary skills that will serve them well in the future. The Trax team regularly participates in the program that offers hourly paddling lessons in exchange for a fee that goes directly into charity.

We hope that our contribution helps at-risk youths ride the waves to a bright future.