Instant Shelf Visibility, at Scale

Facing times of uncertainty, our priorities have never been more clear - family, health and groceries. Now, more than ever, shoppers are counting on you.

Trax gives you the shelf visibility you need to ensure products don't run out.


For FMCG manufacturers and retailers, it’s never been a more critical time to ensure that the products shoppers need most are in store and on shelf. That is where we come in.

Trax provides real-time store intelligence that helps you provide the much-needed reassurance to your shoppers – availability at the shelf. Our breakthrough computer vision and advanced analytics platform digitizes the physical world of retail to transform brands and retailers’ understanding of their stores and shoppers. Simply put, we help you ensure the right products are in the right place, at the right price, at the right time. Every time.

Trax quantifies each store as the shopper sees it

By putting eyes in stores and capturing everyday shelf realities during the pandemic, Trax helps you make sure that shoppers find what they want, both on primary shelves and secondary locations.

Primary Shelves

  • Product Present
  • Shelf Tag Present
  • Promotion Present
  • Promotion Price
  • Everyday Price
  • Photo

Secondary Locations

  • Display Promo Present
  • Location
  • Type of Display
  • Points of Disruption
  • POS Material
  • Display Assortment
  • Photo


Advanced in-store executiontools

For real-time shelf audits.

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Crowdsourced shoppers*

For engagement with new products.

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On-demand workforce*

For direct store support on re-stocks, inventory count and more*.

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Shelf-edge cameras

For continuous monitoring of on-shelf availability.

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*Avaliable only in the United States.


  • Get quick actionable insights on local markets and customer concerns

  • Drive shopper experience at scale by leveraging our robust analytics and consulting partner ecosystem (incl. Nielsen)

  • Dramatically reduce the cost of store checks and get greater coverage and reach anytime, anywhere.

Trax in Action

“With the data and insights we get from this solution, we were able to rethink our field coverage strategy and implement a new benchmarking and tracking system for promotion execution that has yielded a significant increase in sales."

Drew, Senior Director, Retail Execution