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Trax Partners with Google Cloud to Enable Global Retailers to Leverage 5G Capabilities at the Edge

By Manu Krishna, Director, Content Marketing at Trax

As the retail industry shifts toward digitization of physical stores – a necessity amidst the costly, newly exposed out-of-stocks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – retailers need to apply computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence-integrated solutions to succeed. Trax is proud to enable the next generation of retail with its Retail Watch in-store monitoring and intelligence solution at the edge on Google Cloud. Together, Google Cloud and Trax are providing cost-effective, modernized processes and new experiences for customers. 

With edge presence, data produced by Internet of Things devices — such as Trax’s IoT-enabled shelf-edge and ceiling cameras and autonomous robots — is processed closer to its source, allowing such data to be analyzed faster. As a result, retailers are able to make more timely decisions at reduced costs.

What does this partnership mean for Trax customers? 

Trax uses Google Cloud as an orchestration platform for the easy management of AI models. Google Cloud infrastructure, used by many retailers, can be leveraged to accelerate go-to-market in a productive and cost-effective way. This partnership will benefit customers through lower latency and reduced costs and processes related to data storage.

“We are thrilled to partner with Google Cloud to deliver our Retail Watch solution at the edge,” said Mark Cook, head of retailer solutions at Trax. “Retailers will have access to even faster insight on shelf conditions, resulting in incremental uplifts in revenue and timely, accurate data for better supply chain replenishment, forecasting and fulfillment of online orders.”

“Bringing cloud capabilities and applications to the network edge can help retailers deliver exceptional service and exciting new experiences for consumers,” said Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud, Tanuj Raja. “We’re proud to partner with Trax to deliver Retail Watch to the edge on Google Cloud, and to help retailers build a foundation for a digital, connected future.”

Together, Trax and Google Cloud are assisting retailers in the shift to a modernized, digital and connected experience. Visit Google Cloud’s blog post to learn more about bringing partner applications to the edge. For more information or to request a demo of Trax Retail Watch, visit