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Take on a dynamic retail market in 2021 with a dynamic workforce

By Manu Krishna, Director, Content Marketing at Trax

The shopper experience is fundamentally changing. 2020 saw a whopping $350 billion in spending move to Grocery, as more consumers chose to dine at home rather than at restaurants.

3 in 4 shoppers said that they have changed some of their shopping behaviors due to the pandemic – from shopping at new retailers, to trying new brands or preferring eCommerce channels over going to the store. The behavioral changes are here to stay.

Keeping shelves stocks and orders fulfilled – a challenging task in the best of times – has become even more complex. With rising absenteeism in distribution centers and social distancing constraints on the one side and complex multi-generational workforce, labor has become a boardroom problem.

Flexible workforce models – The need of the hour

Online sales are still predicted to grow. Re-patriated supply chains will require evolving models, possibly relying on leaner cores with a view to reducing future payroll risks. A younger workforce will continue to balance flexible work around education and lifestyle. Flexible scheduling will quickly become the norm, based around servicing short-term and on-demand needs.

The partnership between Trax Flexforce and Blue Yonder provides retailers and fulfillment centers with real-time demand visibility and a flexible, trained workforce to solve store issues quickly and at scale. By combining Trax Flexforce, a 1.4 million-strong, AI-driven, on-demand retail workforce with Blue Yonder’s advanced forecasting and scheduling capabilities, Dynamic Workforce Management will help retailers navigate labor challenges and meet online order surges without overworking permanent staff.

Trax’s AI-powered matching algorithms find the best Flexforce worker for the job based on performance, experience, and workload and Blue Yonder’s advanced scheduling capabilities allow site managers to simply allocate shifts or hours to store staff or to Trax Flexforce.

Together, Trax and Blue Yonder deliver a new, more effective way of staffing your sites and ensures consistent and superior service across all of your stores. During the initial phase of the European COVID-19 lockdown, one retailer was able to reduce delivery times from 12 days in March to just 28 hours in April by accessing a flexible, on-demand workforce. That’s a win-win outcome bound to delight your customers by building a resilient mobile workforce.

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