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Life at Trax: A chat with Chief People Officer, Flora Bondici

By Kata Kovari, Employee Engagement Expert

We caught up with Flora Bondici, Chief People Officer at Trax, to get to know her and learn how the HR team has been busy helping Traxers navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Tell us what you did before Trax.

I started my career 18 years ago by establishing my own fashion startup. After that, I  joined a HR consulting firm for three years, then spent five years in GE Lighting in several regional HR roles. In 2016, I joined Planorama as Global People Director, where I led the HR team from an early stage startup till the company was acquired by Trax. I was appointed Chief People Officer of Trax in April 2020.

How has the pandemic impacted life at Trax?

On the positive side, we have become much more flexible in terms of work arrangements, work locations, having more regular and effective townhalls, and accommodating individual needs. However, Traxers love being together, and we have missed the option to brainstorm, work and have fun in person. Earlier this year, we supported Traxers by providing a one-time allowance so they could set up a comfortable home working environment.

What interesting tools are you using in HR?

We are truly excited about our new HR tools. In November, we launched Hibob, one of the most user experience-focused HR Information Systems around. In December, we launched Juno Journey to provide a robust learning experience for Traxers. We are in pilot phase with GrowthSpace to support our employees with expert coaches online, in their native language, at scale. Last year, we also launched some apps like Donut to help random team members connect better.

What are the major challenges you are coping with these days?

We continue to focus on two areas the rest of this year: Learning & Career Development and Wellbeing. Through Juno Journey, we are offering Traxers an individual budget to spend on any learning opportunity and 40 hours of free time for learning throughout the year. We are also working on advertising our open positions internally, so the opportunities are more visible and easier to apply for. For Wellbeing, we are building an exciting line-up of activities so Traxers have something fun, meaningful, and refreshing to look forward to.

What changes will stay in place after Covid-19 is over?

We are currently developing our “office personas” to define how Traxers will use their local offices when things go back to normal and what kind of adjustments we need to make. For sure, flexibility in terms of work locations and home offices will stay, as well as all the initiatives we have introduced in the past year.

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